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St. Anne's gets Smart Boards

Izaak Newhouse, fourth grade, manipulates images on the "morning meeting time" page of the Smart Board - one of three St. Anne's School has purchased this summer. "I think they are a lot of fun," Newhouse said. "They are easier than a computer."

Students at St. Anne's School will have a new way to learn this coming year.

The school has purchased and installed three new Smart Boards, replacing the chalkboards in the kindergarten, third grade and multi-use rooms.

"We wanted one in the early child development wing, one in the primary grades and one in the middle school end of the building," said Principal Randall Stanke.

The boards are interactive, meaning that the images are projected onto a screen and the images can be manipulated with the touch of a finger.

Because the boards cost approximately $3,500 each, the school purchased just three boards - with plans to buy more as funds are raised. The funds for these boards came from donations at the school's gala event in May.

"A number of teachers got training on this during the summer," Stanke said. "Plus they had three hours of training last week on the technology."

Cleo Wenzel, first grade teacher at St. Anne's, said she believes the Smart Boards will help her engage her students.

"The Internet is linked to the Smart Boards so we can go online and project what we find in enlarged form," Wenzel said.

She also said they can show a page of a book on one half of the screen and show how to take notes on the other half, in addition to having them fill in graphs or answers using their fingers or special markers.