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NRHS a big hit with residents

Parents and the public were invited to New Richmond High School on Monday night to tour the school and meet the staff. Pictured above, several parents armed with maps made their way through the school to get a feel for what their children experience on a daily basis.

School officials consider the new high school to be New Richmond's most recent reason to brag and on Monday the rest of the community got another chance to see why.

The new school, which boasts 47 classrooms, two large group instruction rooms, 16 panel video screens, five computer labs, an 800-seat auditorium and a new cafeteria space with seating for about 430 students, opened its doors to parents and the public Monday night.

While most were there to meet the teachers and get an idea of what students go through on a daily basis, others attended out of curiosity of the building.

Although most commented on size of the building, many district residents said the details were what make it unique.

"I don't think the general public knows about all the little details that went into this," said Jodi Wickham, who has a daughter at the high school.

Details from the finishes on the floors and walls to the Tiger logo on lunchroom tables make every bit of the school unique.

"Even the font they used is the font from the original school," Wickham said.

Paul and Julie Holbrook said they came to the open house to meet the teachers but have been very impressed by the school.

"It's very pretty," Julie said. "We're very much impressed."

Sherrie Rachner's children aren't at the high school age yet, but on Monday night she was wandering around the school anyway.

"I thought I'd come catch a glimpse," she said. "It's my curiosity, you know?"

When asked how the new school compared to the old high school, Rachner raised her eyebrows.

"There's no comparison," she said. "It's night and day."

Wickham agreed.

"I have one who graduated two years ago and he's very jealous," she said.

Gary and Mae Osterbauer said they wish the school was built years ago.

"We have a senior and only wish she could've started out here because she would have had so many more opportunities with the new school," Mae said.

Those additional opportunities include a much more academic atmosphere, said Ann Scharfenberg, social studies teacher at the high school.

"A lot of thought went into the design of the building," she said. "It's a lot quieter and less distracting."

Because the locker bays are kept separate from the classrooms, most noise is secluded to that area.

The new technology is also a bonus, Scharfenberg said.

"This is 21st century technology," she said referring to the school's new Smart Boards. "This is the kind of thing they're going to see at the collegiate level."

Although college is a few years away for their daughter, Daniel and Karen Zander said they appreciate the opportunities she's being given with the new school.

"This is a lot nice (than the old school)," said Daniel. "It's a nicer high school than I've ever seen."

"It sure is," said Karen. "It's a big upgrade."