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Something borrowed: Prom night links two generations

Phyllis Anderson, left, offered her prom dress from 1959 to her granddaughter, Kaycie, after the sophomore's original didn't arrive in time for prom.1 / 2
Kaycie Anderson, right, wore her grandmother's prom dress from 1959 to the 2011 New Richmond High School Prom. Anderson had originally ordered another dress to wear but when it didn't arrive in time for prom, her grandmother suggested her vintage gown. Above, Anderson is pictured with her date, Mike Stoffel, during the school's grand march.2 / 2

When sophomore Kaycie Anderson realized her prom dress wasn't going to arrive in time for the big event, she started to panic a little.

"We miscalculated the amount of time it would take to get here," she said. "It was scheduled to arrive Monday (May 2), which is too late."

New Richmond High School's prom was April 30.

While celebrating Easter at her grandmother's house in Star Prairie, Phyllis Anderson, Kaycie's grandmother, suggested an alternative.

"I said 'I have a prom dress. Do you want to wear it?'" Phyllis said.

Phyllis, who wore the dress in 1959 when she was crowned prom queen of Turtle Lake, said she kept the dress for sentimental reasons.

Kaycie said she was unsure about the idea.

"I think she was joking at first," Kaycie said. "I thought it was going to be really old fashioned and ugly, but when she brought it out and laid it on the bed, I was surprised that I actually kind of liked it."

After trying the dress on, Kaycie knew it was the one for her.

The dress, made of pink lace, fit almost perfectly, Kaycie said.

"She was super excited about it," Kaycie said of her grandmother's reaction to wearing the dress.

The dress needed only minor alterations, Kaycie said.

"The only problem was that it wouldn't zip up all the way," she said. "So we had the back altered into a corset back."

The family also had lining added to protect Kaycie's skin from the rough fabric that was commonly used in the 1950s.

Kaycie isn't the first one Phyllis has offered the dress to.

"She tried to get her daughter to wear it to her prom, but she wasn't into pink or girly things," Kaycie said.

Kaycie said that although the situation was a bit stressful, she's glad things turned out the way they did.

"Everyone thought the dress was really cute," she said. "When I told them it was my grandma's they said, 'no way!'"

There's also another perk.

"Assuming (the original dress) gets here (Monday), I'll already have my dress for next year," she said with a laugh. "Now I don't need to worry about shopping."