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New library programs for teens and adults underway in Somerset

Rhys Linke, 15, won the teen reading contest drawing for June. He is pictured receiving his $20 gift certificate to Pizza Planet from Norma Scott, Somerset librarian. This is the first year the library is sponsoring a teen reading program.

Every year the Somerset Library hosts a children's reading program. However, despite the popularity, Norma Scott felt a change was in order.

They decided to include teens and adults, too.

"It seemed a shame that adults and teens were left out; we understand they read and we wanted to make it fun for them too," said Scott, head librarian. "We wanted to get to know them better and reward them for a job well done."

Rhys Linke, 15, was one of those people. The Somerset teen said that he reads a lot anyway, and this new program just provided him more incentive.

"I normally read fantasy, like Harry Potter and Eragon," said Linke. "My sister works at the library and she suggested I enter."

Adults and teens are encouraged to fill out a form to enter their name in the monthly drawing for a $20 gift certificate. There is no limit to how many times you can enter, but you cannot win both adult and teen categories. You also do not have to be a Somerset resident.

Linke was among 21 teens who entered their names in the June teen drawing. He and Meaghan Richardson ended up winners for that month. Richardson won a $20 certificate to Magpie's Coffee House; Linke won a $20 certificate to Pizza Planet.

"Meaghan's mom picked her card up," said Scott. "She told me that she had never been to Magpie's before - she was looking forward to that."

There were 82 entered in the adult drawing. The winners for that program were Mary Smith and Mary Socha.

Although some businesses donated items for the children's programs, the library purchased all the teen and adult certificates.

For July, the teen prizes are certificates to Subway and Dairy Queen; August they will be for Pizza Planet and Subway.

As for the adults, the July prizes are certificates to Econofoods and Dairy Queen; August they will be Super America and Magpie's.

The drawings for both categories will be done at the end of the month.

"I think it's a fun and good opportunity to get into reading," said Linke.