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First school-wide walk promotes health and 'community feeling'

It was a trickle at first, but then it was a tidal wave.

Students at Paperjack Elementary School and their teachers took a 10-minute break during their morning routine to walk in the gym Thursday, Oct. 6.

Walking to the strains of the mid-1990's hit "Macarena," the first group was joined by another, then another, and then another, until the entire gym was filled with kids. Some teachers acted as traffic directors, halting their group of children until there was a "break" in the walking flow.

Angie Brown, guidance counselor at Paperjack, said the whole idea was to get the school interacting.

"I was looking for ways to promote a sense of community throughout the grades," said Brown. "This would be an easy thing to do, and it also promotes getting up and being active."

The school plans to host a 10-minute school-wide walk on the first Friday of each month. Brown said she hopes to have the walk outside when the weather is warm.