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School traffic causes concern for Village of Roberts board

Some St. Croix Central Elementary School parents want Police Chief Dan Burgress fired - because he's doing his job and enforcing the law.

"I get five to six calls wanting the dismissal of Dan on down," Willard Moeri told the Village of Roberts Board at its meeting on Monday, Dec. 12. He was commenting during Burgess' report regarding the traffic problem in the mornings at the elementary school.

The complaints are direct results of citations issued to parents illegally parked in the bus loop.

"There were four people in the loop," reported Burgess. "I had my squad car lights on and I was standing out there, and five more cars showed up."

The morning traffic outside the elementary school has been a challenge for several years now. Parents who drop off their children are going through the loop, despite signs posted that the buses are the only vehicles to have access.

Moeri said the main concern is the safety of the children.

"Everyone can see the children coming in like field mice to a feed bin," he said. "What are we waiting for; someone to get hit? This has to be addressed."

Burgess said that despite having the signs, the police department has also sent home letters with all the students and published parking information in the newspaper, but there are still people entering the loop with cars.

"Not trying to pigeonhole anyone but 90 percent are not village residents, it is very frustrating," said Burgess.

John Bond, public works director, suggested putting barricades in the area, but Burgess said that they would still need a person down there to move it for the buses.

"It's getting worse," said Moeri. "We just need people down there who read (the signs)."

The board also discussed the issue of putting a timeclock in the library for its employees. Katy Kapaun, board member, explained that although the library staff members are considered village employees, they are an autonomous group and library officials elected not to have a time clock.

"The general consensus was that given the professional nature, the staff was satisfied that timesheets are sufficient," said Kapaun.

Don Gerhardt, board member, had argued in favor of the timeclock.

"What about the rest of the village employees?" asked Gerhardt. "They are professionals but they have timeclocks. If something happens to those employees, were they on the clock or not?

"It's the liability, not the credibility," concluded Gerhardt.

Morei agreed with the liability issue, but he explained that the library board is autonomous and the village cannot force them to have a timeclock.

In other news:

-The board approved to amend Section 70-120(5) and 70-120(6) of the zoning codes. They also approved rezoning Crane 1 Holdings LLC from B3 general business district to a B1 community business district.

-Lynn Berg from Grace Place gave a presentation to the board explaining the role of Grace Place in the community.

-The board approved blocking off Main Street from 5-8 p.m. for the Christmas on Main event on Dec. 17, similar to how it was blocked off for the Halloween event.

-The board approved the designation of budgeted funds to purchase audio-visual equipment for the police department.

-Dennis Christophel of North Shore Bank in Shorewood gave a presentation to the board about a health reimbursement account for its employees.

-The Village of Roberts board meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall. The public is welcome to attend.