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WITC graduates make financial gains

The growth in earnings by Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College graduates has increased 50 percent since their graduation from WITC in 2006.

According to the college's recently completed "Five-Year Longitudinal Follow-Up Study," the average yearly salary for graduates increased from less than $29,000 to more than $43,000. The change in the Consumer Price Index was 10.9 percent for the same period.

"WITC is incredibly proud of its Five-Year Longitudinal Follow-Up Study results," WITC President Bob Meyer said. "With these extremely positive career placement results, it is not surprising that our graduates also confidently state that their WITC training is both valuable and vital to their career development."

In the survey, 89 percent agreed their technical college education played an important role at the start of their career and 79 percent said their training was very important or important in their career advancement.

Fifty-six percent surveyed have received at least one job promotion since graduating from WITC. Also, 73 percent are employed in Wisconsin with 57 percent working in WITC's 11-county district.

The WITC Longitudinal Follow-Up Study, which looks at changes in employment five years after graduation, also found that 93 percent of its graduates are employed and that 85 percent are employed in a career that is related to their WITC training.