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Arbor Day celebration at New Richmond's Cyclone Park

Greg Bonnes, of New Richmond Tree Service, brought a large tree stump to the annual Arbor Day celebration. New Richmond fourth-graders were able to get a close look at the stump, which was on display at Cyclone Park.2 / 4
Ruth Hilfiker, right, taught the students the proper way to plant a tree. She said most people make the mistake of planting trees too deep, which could cause them to die.3 / 4
At the end of the Arbor Day celebration each fourth grade class got to plant their own tree in Cyclone Park.4 / 4

New Richmond fourth-graders celebrated Arbor Day a week late, planting more than a dozen trees in Cyclone Park on Friday, May 4.

The annual celebration hosted by the city gives fourth-graders an opportunity to learn about the importance of trees while helping to beautify the city.

This was the sixth annual tree-planting celebration, said Joe Kerlin, parks and recreation director.

The fourth-graders cycled through three stations during their time at Cyclone Park. The first station, run by Greg Bonnes and an employee of New Richmond Tree Service, taught the students about tree trimming. Homer demonstrated how tree service employees climb the trees and identify branches that need trimming. Bonnes, owner of New Richmond Tree Service, brought along a large tree stump to share with the students, along with other wood samples.

At station two, Ruth Hilfiker, a consultant with EcoGrow Consulting, taught the students the proper way to plant a tree, noting that the biggest mistake people make is planting the tree too deep.

The final station was manned by Irv Sather, a local historian, who shared some facts about Cyclone Park and the cyclone of 1899.

At the end of the day, each of New Richmond's fourth grade classes planted their very own tree, using the skills they learned from Hilfiker.