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Who you gonna call? Class scares up spooks

As the air cools and energy starts shifting, ghosts begin getting antsy. According to Annette Bruchu, fall is one of the best times to educate yourself about ghosts and spirits.

Bruchu, owner of Helping You Heal Center in Stillwater, Minn., plans to offer two courses through New Richmond Community Education this year.

Ghostbusting 101, scheduled for Oct. 23, is a class designed to teach participants the difference between spirits and ghosts, she said. She'll also teach participants how to get the attention of ghosts and how to communicate with them.

Helping Ghosts Cross Over, scheduled for Oct. 30, is designed as a more advanced class that will help ghosts cross over and clear them from homes and businesses.

Bruchu, who discovered the metaphysical world at an early age, said communicating with ghosts and spirits has always been a part of her life.

"This isn't a spooky, entertainment, Hollywood thing," she said. "It's real."

While Bruchu's classes are being offered as Halloween-themed classes through Community Education, she said it's something she does all year long.

The New Richmond classes are held at the Community Commons (former middle school), she said. Last year between 25-30 people attended the class.

"It was standing room only," she said. "We had a lot of fun."

Bruchu said she especially enjoys teaching in the commons because of the building's history.

"Last year we opened everyone up (so they could feel the energy) and we went upstairs," she said. "This is a fun building, but it's still safe."

Bruchu said ghosts tend to gather in schools and churches simply because they've been taught that they're safe places to be.

"We're always taught that if something goes wrong or if we go through any kind of trauma we should go someplace safe," Bruchu said.

Bruchu's classes begin with a premeditation to relax participants' senses.

"This allows us to have a stronger, deeper focus," she said.

Those enrolled in the Helping Ghosts Cross Over class are encouraged to bring their digital cameras, she said.

"It gives validation to what they're sensing," she said. "I tell my classes that if they feel something by their arm, they should take a picture of it. Often times you can capture that energy on camera."

Bruchu said that energy often shows up as an orb in the photograph.

"This can be a dramatic and emotional experience," she said. "It's not Hollywood spooktacular, but we have a lot of fun."

Both of Bruchu's classes cost $16 to attend. To register, visit the New Richmond Community Education website at or call 715-243-7421.