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SCCMS play begins 'Unhappily Ever After'

Kathryn Mohrhauser (on couch) and fellow actors rhearse a scene from the St. Croix Central fifth and sixth grade musical "Unhappily Ever After." Mohrhauser plays Sleeping Beauty, who falls asleep just before the end of her song. Pictured in front of couch: Brittney Neubarth, Katrina McMartin, Scout Lindquist, music teacher/choir director Michelle Schmitt. Left of couch: Chris Harney, Blake Olsen. Right of couch: Noble McHenry and Michael LeFeber. Behind couch: Olivia Boyd, Alyssa Iverson, Olivia Adrian a...1 / 3
Middle school choir Director Michelle Schmitt coaches Kathryn Mohrhauser on her performance as Sleeping Beauty. Pictured left of couch: Katrina McMartin, Olivia Boyd, Brittney Neubarth, Chris Harney, Blake Olsen. Front of couch: Kathryn Mohrhauser, Schmitt. Behind/Right of couch: Olivia Adrian, Michael LeFeber and Logan Johnson.2 / 3
Middle school choir director Michelle Schmitt (front) coaches the cast on their choreography for the sleeping beauty scene of their upcoming play, "Unhappily Ever After." Pictured (from left) are Brittney Neubarth, Olivia Boyd, Katrina McMartin, McKenzie Emery, Kathryn Mohrhauser, Logan Johnson and Michael Lefeber.3 / 3

Fairytales won't end quite the usual way in the St. Croix Central Middle School fifth and sixth grade play, "Unhappily Ever After."

The play, a musical, is about a counselor who has opened an office to see how various fairy tale characters are getting along with each other. He discovers that nobody has lived "happily ever after".

"The twist is that the counselor is trying to fix everybody's relationship problems and when he tries to fix it, he ends up with disastrous results," said SCCMS choir director and co-play director Michelle Schmitt.

The play features Sleeping Beauty (Kathryn Mohrhauser) who only wants to sleep, as well as Prince Charming and Cinderella, the Pond Princess and the Frog Prince, Rumpelstiltskin and Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother.

Schmitt said the cast has been rehearsing since the third week in September. She said she is proud of the students' hard work.

"The kids have done a good job with their character developments," Schmitt said. "It is an amusing play, so it has been fun."

Schmitt said the play was selected because it has a lot of music and lots of opportunities for the chorus members, those with non-speaking roles, to be involved. And a lot of singing, Schmitt said, means a lot of dancing.

"I think the choreography for a song called 'Teamwork' has been really fun," Schmitt said. "It's kind of chaotic. There's a lot of different things going on, so it's been challenging but that's kind of fun."

The play will be performed Thursday, Nov. 15, at 7 p.m. in the middle school multipurpose room. Tickets will be $2 for adults, $1 for students and free for preschool and under.

Gretta Stark

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