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Six New Richmond students expelled

Six New Richmond High School students have been expelled after school officials found prescription drugs in their possession while at school.

Two of the students, a junior and a sophomore, have been identified as students who brought the drugs to school to allegedly distribute or sell to other students, said Morrie Veilleux, district administrator.

The other four students, all sophomores, were alleged "buyers."

"It's been very frustrating for us," Veilleux said of the situation.

All four students were expelled from the district until their 21st birthdays; however, the "buyers" were given an opportunity to be reinstated at the high school next year, Veilleux said. He said it's very likely all four of those students will be back in school for the fall 2013 semester.

New Richmond has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol on school property.

Expulsion hearings were held in school board closed sessions for the students on Feb. 11, 13 and 19.