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Fifth-grader takes on school principal role

Ryan Affeldt spent April 1 as principal for the day at Starr Elementary. He said the job wasn't as hard as he thought it would be.

Ryan Affeldt spent his April Fool's Day playing pranks on his sister and mom.

Affledt, a fifth-grader at Starr Elementary in New Richmond, was named principal of the day on April 1. He used the opportunity to call his sister Megan, a kindergartener, to the principal's office and called his mom to tell her Megan was causing problems at the school.

"Oh this will be so awesome," Affeldt said with a mischievous smile.

The day wasn't all about fun and games for Principal Affeldt, however.

Affeldt earned the honor of acting as principal after entering a raffle drawing at the district's annual Art Fair and Carnival. Each of the elementary schools in New Richmond selected a student to act as principal for the day.

For Affeldt, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

In addition to playing pranks on his sister, Affeldt also made his rounds in each classroom, signed several purchase orders, declared an extra 10 minutes of recess for the students and bought cookies for the entire staff.

"We heard some cheering after that announcement," said Andy Hoeppner, who normally holds the principal title at Starr Elementary.

Hoeppner said Affeldt has been tough competition for him.

"I've heard several staff say they like this new principal," he said. "Especially after he delivered the cookies."

Affledt said being principal wasn't as much work as he thought it would be and, if given the opportunity, he'd keep the job at least another week.