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Host families sought for Rotary exchange student

The Rotary Club of New Richmond is seeking host families for an incoming exchange student from Poland during the 2013-14 school year.

The local club sponsors exchange students each year for the purpose of providing New Richmond High School students and staff the opportunity to interact with high-caliber students from a variety of countries. Past exchange students have hailed from Germany, Brazil, Chile, India, and most recently, Indonesia.

Rotary International has an extensive screening and selection process that foreign students wishing to study abroad must participate in. Only those students who demonstrate a high degree of social, emotional and academic maturity are ultimately allowed into the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

Each in-bound exchange student is "hosted" by the Rotary Club of New Richmond and is provided a member-counselor appointed by the club. Students are also provided with" country liaisons," persons who were from the country of student origin, but who are now living and working in the U.S. and reside within the local club's Rotary district. This extensive screening and support system assures a high quality experience for the in-bound student, the local school district, and the host parents and their families.

The 2013-14 in-bound student hails from Wroclaw, Poland. Paulina is a 17-year-old female student who enjoys a variety of academic and recreational pursuits including art, reading and running.

Paulina will arrive at the Minneapolis airport in late August. Host families are asked to commit to host Rotary exchange students for approximately three and half months; First placement is generally mid-August through early December; second placement runs from early/mid-December to third week of March; and final placement runs from the end of March through mid to late June.

For more information, contact Joseph Huftel, WITC New Richmond campus administrator, at 715-246-6561, extension 4332, or 715-651-9676, or email or, 2012-13 Rotary President Mike Derrick, at 715-246-2320, or email mderrick@de, or 2013-14 Rotary President Jean Needham at 715-243-2868, or email jean.x.needham@heal