SCC district declares 'Joyce Helmueller Day'


In honor of her 30-year career at St. Croix Central High School, SCC declared May 22 "Joyce Helmueller Day," and held a pep fest at the high school in Helmueller's honor.

Helmueller, a high school secretary, said she was surprised and honored by the celebration. She said she isn't one to seek out attention.

"I felt like it wasn't just about me," Helmueller said in a May 23 interview. "Our whole school just needed something uplifting."

The pep band played music, and the choir sang "Make New Friends" and "Happy Retirement To You."

High school Principal Glen Webb led the celebration, and spoke of Helmueller's optimism, especially in the face of difficulties, such as those St. Croix Central has faced lately .

"She chooses, every day, to be positive," Webb said.

District Superintendent David Bradley also spoke, praising Helmueller for her competence and capability.

Helmueller was presented with a book of memories compiled by students and staff alike, something she said she wasn't able to read at school.

"I've kind of glanced through it a little bit," Helmueller said. "Some of the things, I have forgotten, they've got in there."

Helmueller said after the difficult year SCC has had, she thought it was good for the school to have something to celebrate.

"Our whole school just needed something uplifting," Helmueller said.


Former St. Croix Central District Superintendent Dan Woll (right) congratulates Joyce Helmueller (left) on her retirement after 30 years as a St. Croix Central High School secretary.

St. Croix Central High School Principal Glen Webb (left) shares his memories of Joyce Helmueller's time at St. Croix Central at the school's "Joyce Helmueller Day" celebration Wednesday, May 22. Helmueller is pictured at right, with balloons.

The St. Croix Central High School choir sings "Make New Friends," and "Happy Retirement to You," to high school secretary Joyce Helmueller at a celebratory pep fest held in honor of Helmueller's retirement. The 2013-14 school year has been Helmueller's 30th year at SCC.