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STEP volunteers: The gifts that keep on giving

When people think of receiving gifts, what immediately comes to mind might be a birthday, an anniversary or even a special holiday. At Paperjack Elementary, when the students and staff think of gifts, they think of the many parent and community volunteers who grace their classrooms each day.

These volunteers have devoted many hours and years of service in helping students learn at Paperjack. One of these volunteers that warrants special mention is Anna Robey, who has faithfully given of herself and her time for the past 12 years in giving the gift of reading to hundreds of students.

Having retired several years ago from 3M, where she worked in patent law, Anna continues to keep a connection with 3M through their Volunteer Match program, where the company donates an amount of money in recognition of Anna's services to our school.

Anna began volunteering at Paperjack in 2000, and 3M has matched her hours of service with a donation since 2006. Anna has also participated in the Senior Tax Exchange program, known as STEP, for the past six years.

Through Anna's devotion in coming to Paperjack to have students read to her each week, the 3M Foundation has generously donated nearly $2,000 to Paperjack over the past several years. These donations have been used for various school related activities, such as buying new equipment or books for the school. The money donated, however, is secondary to Anna's gift of her time, devotion and love of reading. She gives the gift that keeps giving, as she helps kids become better readers, and to discover the true joys of reading that they carry into adulthood.