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New Richmond native hired as intern

Jenny Hudalla

A small-town girl never forgets her roots. After graduating from New Richmond High School in 2011 and completing her first two years of college, Jenny Hudalla may be one of the first natives to join the ranks of the New Richmond News as a summer intern.

A junior at Bethel University, Hudalla is majoring in journalism, Spanish and reconciliation studies with a minor in media communication. Although she had been considering a career in journalism since middle school, she didn't commit to the major until the end of her freshman year of college.

"I always knew I wanted to write, but I was developing other interests that I wanted to pursue as well," she said. "It took me awhile to realize that all three of my majors flow together seamlessly."

Because she is particularly interested in racial reconciliation and immigration, Hudalla plans to report on issues of social justice after completing college. To prepare herself for this type of journalism, Hudalla will spend a semester in Segovia, Spain, this fall, improving her communication and intercultural skills.

"Too often, the mainstream media only tell one side of the story," she said. "Those who are marginalized - racial and religious minorities, the lower class, women - go unheard. I want to be a voice for those people."

While Hudalla has lofty expectations for the early years of her career, part of her would like to settle down later on in a small town like New Richmond. After participating in tennis, softball and powerlifting in high school and serving as sports editor of her university's newspaper, Hudalla can't quite shake her interest in sports reporting.

"Being an athlete in a small town is very rewarding," she said. "If I ever end up living in one, I'd love to drive down to the football field on Friday nights and watch the hometown heroes rile up the crowd."

Hudalla is eager to begin her journalism career at the New Richmond News, and although she is excited about the future, she can't say with certainty where she'll end up.

"I can make all the plans I want, but it's really not up to me," Hudalla said. "All I can do is follow God and see where he takes me."