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Board changes probationary period, sets date for town hall meeting

After a short period of discussion at its Oct. 14, regular meeting, the Hammond Village Board passed a motion to change the village’s probationary period for employees from six months to 90 days.

“In the union negotiations, we agreed to go down to 90 days and I think we should go down to 90 days across the board,” Board President Tony Bibeau said.

The decision to make the change came from a discussion the board had during a meeting last month about the probationary period for an employee being too long and the fact that most times, 90 days is more than enough time to tell if someone is a good fit in their job or not.

Also discussed at the meeting was the setting of a town hall meeting to educate the community on the pros and cons of having a clerk-administrator position in the Village of Hammond that the board talked about at its Sept. 23 regular meeting. The board reiterated that the meeting was going to take place during its Oct. 28 regular meeting and it also encouraged community members who wish to speak on the subject to come to the meeting with pros and cons of their own to contribute to the discussion.

Another subject the board talked about during the meeting was the possible vacation of four village streets, including Muldoon Street, Bushnell Street, Belshazar Street and Third Street. Three of the streets, Muldoon Street, Bushnell Street and Belshazar Street are located near the railroad that runs through town are technically streets, but are not well maintained and also do not meet standards for a village street. Some of the streets don’t even appear on the right places on the map.

The vacation of those three streets would affect multiple residents who live on plots and use those streets on a regular basis, including Mary Henenway, who was present at the meeting.

“This is new to us and I was here to just get our street repaired, which is Muldoon Street,” Henenway said. “That street is in front of our house, but it does only accommodate three residences and it has been there forever. I’ve been down there for over 60 years and that’s been a street. Its been maintained by the village, but it has never been a good road.”

Village Engineer Greg Adams made a presentation on the subject, which enlightened the board and those present to some new information on the areas in question. At the end of their discussion, the board decided to add the vacation of the four streets to the Nov. 11, regular meeting agenda to allow more of the residents on those streets to be present at the meeting and voice their opinions on the subject.

Other business:

--The board discussed adding background checks back on to the approval process for operator licenses. The topic will be put on a future agenda.

--A motion to set up a special meeting for Oct. 21, to further discuss the village budget plans for next year was approved.

--A motion to remove Richard Cronk from probationary status was approved effective immediately.

--A motion for the village to mow the ditches that are within village limits to follow the villages’ own weed ordinances was approved.

The next regular village board meeting will be held Oct. 28.

Jordan Willi
Jordan Willi is a reporter for the New Richmond News. Previously, he worked as a sports reporter at the Worthington Daily Globe in Worthington, Minnesota. He also interned at the Hudson Star Observer for two summers and contributed to the Bison Illustrated sports magazine at North Dakota State University.
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