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In brief: Tough Mudder, Rustic Road, library donations sought

TOWN OF ST. JOSEPH & TOWN OF WARREN: Tough Mudder race facing obstacles

At its April meeting, the Town of St. Joseph Plan Commission compiled a list of questions it feels should be answered at the Town Board and county levels before the Tough Mudder obstacle race event is approved for July 19 and 20 at Game Unlimited Hunting Club, 871 County Road E.

Plan Commission Chairperson Carolyn Barrette said they have concerns about the location and number of restrooms, how the grading and course construction will affect the hunting club’s wetlands, how the land will be returned to its natural form after the event, the operations plan for the event, traffic and the location of the event headquarters, which Barrette said looks to be in the Town of Warren. Barrette also said part of the course, according to a preliminary map, may be in the Town of Hudson.

The St. Joseph Town Board will discuss the Plan Commission’s questions at its April 10 board meeting at 6 p.m.

At its April 7 meeting, the Town of Warren Planning Commission reviewed an application submitted by Tough Mudder and the town’s special exception permit policy to see if the event would meet town requirements.

According to Clerk/Treasurer Deina Shirmer, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the business proposal application submitted by Tough Mudder representatives to the Town Board. The board will discuss and vote on the application at the Warren Town Board meeting at 7 p.m. on April 21 at the Warren Town Hall.

The event, should it be approved at town and county levels, is expected to bring thousands of spectators and participants to the towns of Warren and St. Joseph. The previous two years the event was held at the Somerset Amphitheater.


TOWN OF RICHMOND: Rustic Road designation

At the March 13 Richmond Town Board meeting, a resolution was passed allowing Town Chair Gary Knutson to pursue a Rustic Road designation for 140th Avenue (between County Road A and 120th Street) in the town of Richmond.

The segment of road up for consideration is 2.1 miles long and is known among locals as the “rabbit road,” Knutson said. It runs along Ten Mile Creek, wetland and agricultural areas.

“There are three towns of Richmond in Wisconsin,” Knutson said. “Having this Rustic Road would differentiate us and make us unique, and maybe give people something to talk about.”

The Rustic Roads Board, a division of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, meets twice a year. Knutson plans to have the application finished in time for the Rustic Roads Board’s consideration at its fall meeting.

The Wisconsin Legislature established the Rustic Roads program in 1973 to help citizens and local units of government preserve what remains of Wisconsin’s scenic, lightly traveled country roads. There are four Rustic Roads in St. Croix County: two south of Glenwood City; Trout Brook Road between County Road A and River Road in the town of Hudson; and portions of 230th Avenue, Marine Road, County Line Avenue and Polk/St. Croix Road through the town of Somerset in St. Croix County and the town of Farmington in Polk County.


ST. CROIX COUNTY: Recycling newsletter

The 22nd edition of Your Wasteline, St. Croix County’s annual recycling newsletter, will soon be mailed to all homes in the county. According to Jon Tulman, county recycling specialist, the newsletter is expected to be delivered to the post office on Friday, April 18.

In addition to the schedule of special event recycling for 2014, the major articles featured in this year’s edition include the topics of paint disposal, glass recycling, and mattress recycling. There is also a table of municipal recycling information, and a list of municipal clean-up days.

Anyone with questions regarding the newsletter is asked to contact Tulman at 715-531-1907 or by email to


CITY OF NEW RICHMOND: Spring cleaning donations wanted

The Friday Memorial Library wants individuals to keep the library in mind during spring cleaning this season as a place to bring donations.

The library will gladly accept hardcover and paperback books, CDs, DVDs, videogames and audio books in good and working condition. The children’s department is also collecting LEGO building blocks and Altoid tins for upcoming events.

Items that do not fit into the library collection will be sold in the Friends of the Library Book Sale held in June. All proceeds are used to support the library.

Compiled by News staff