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New toll-free number provides quick and easy access to the entire Wisconsin State Patrol

If you wish to contact the Wisconsin State Patrol with questions or requests for services, you can call the new toll-free number of 1-844-847-1234 that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In case of an emergency, you should still call 911 immediately.

Information available through the 1-844-847-1234 toll-free number includes:

  • Road conditions and travel information from 511 Wisconsin
  • Driver’s license and registration information
  • Commercial motor vehicle information

The number can also connect you with a specific Division of State Patrol Region Headquarters, the State Patrol Academy, the Division Headquarters in Madison or with individual members of the State Patrol if you know their extension.

“The new toll-free number provides the public with more convenient access to the entire Wisconsin State Patrol,” says Colonel Brian Rahn, deputy superintendent.

“In addition, the new toll-free number is part of the State Patrol’s conversion to an internet-based phone system that will produce substantial cost savings over a conventional digital system.”