2017 Spring Election: Nomination paper due Jan. 3


Local and state officials prepare for next election

Just when everybody thought it was safe to come out from under the onslaught of electioneering, the process of beginning yet another political season has begun.
Though the Fall General Election that highlighted much of the past year has come to a conclusion, those who will be seeking election to a variety of local and state seats will be gearing up for the April Spring Election that is right around the corner.
In fact, those who may be seeking a seat on local school, village, city or county boards may now take out nomination papers.
The cycle for completing and submitting papers for the Spring Election began Thursday, Dec. 1, when nomination papers became available for circulation.
For those who may be running for election in the spring, they have until Monday, Jan. 3, to return nomination papers with the required number of signatures.
Locally in the city of New Richmond, three incumbent aldermen’s seats will be up for election.
The incumbents whose seats are available this coming spring are Craig Kittel, District 1, Wards 1 and 2; Scottie Ard, District 2, Wards 3 and 4; and Jim Jackson, District 3, Wards 5 and 6.
To date, there have been no other potential candidates taking out papers for these three open seats.
In addition, according to City Clerk Tanya Batchelor, none of the incumbents have yet turned in nomination papers.
Other local boards and the incumbents whose seats are up for election in the spring are as follows:
Town of Richmond
Town chairman — Gary Knutson
Board supervisor — Dave Stephens
Board supervisor — James Peirson
Town of Cylon
Town chairman — Randall Zemke
Board supervisor — Dennis Erickson
Board supervisor — Kevin Derrick
Town clerk — Brenda Kaczmarski
Town treasurer — Jenny Arduser
Town of Erin Prairie
Town chairman — John Van Dyk
Board supervisor — Dennis Mitchell
Board supervisor — Mike Monteith
Clerk/treasurer — Jackie Mitchell
Town of Star Prairie
Town chairman — Scott Counter
Board supervisor — Steve Lewis
Board supervisor — Tom Heintz
Town of Stanton
Town chairman — Richard Hesselink
Board supervisor — Gerald Croes
Board supervisor — Steven Hoogheem
Town of Somerset
Town chairman — Ed Schachtner
Board supervisor — Douglas Plourde
Board supervisor — Larry Rauch
Village of Deer Park
Village president — Randy T. Olson
Trustee — Arlyn Severson
Trustee — Ronald Meier
Village of Star Prairie
Village president — Chad Peterson
Trustee — Christine Boardman
Trustee - Daniel Scheeringa
Village of Somerset
Village president — John Melvin
Trustee — Robert Campbell
Trustee — Greg Sayers
Trustee — Ron Hill
School District of New Richmond board
Marilyn Duerst
Paula Kolbeck
Chris Skoglund
School District of Somerset board
Board president — Robert Gunther
Vice president — Marie Colbeth
At the state level, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers is up for election and has several other candidates who have indicated they are interested in the position.
In addition to Evers, others who have taken out papers for the position include Jeffrey Holmes of Germantown; Rick Melcher of Racine; Lowell E. Holtz of Palmyra; Remberto Andres Gomez of Tomah; and John Humphries of Mount Horeb.
All of these candidates’ inclusion on the spring ballot are pending submission of final papers.
In addition to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Justice Annette Ziegler of the State Supreme Court is also up for election in the spring.
To date, there have been no other candidates who have indicated an interest in the justice’s seat.
There are also three court of appeals judgeships which are up for election this coming spring: Court of Appeals Judge District 1 — Bill Brash of Fox Point; Court of Appeals Judge District 2 — Brian K. Hagedorn of Oconomowoc; and Court of Appeals Judge District 4 — Michael R. Fitzpatrick of Janesville.