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Star Prairie Village Board: Alden Township to the rescue

The Village of Star Prairie found itself in a pinch during the recent snowfall with the dump truck not working and being between maintenance operators with Brody Larson moving over to the county crew and new hire Bob Anez not quite in place yet.

Luckily a call from trustee Craig Matthys to Jeff Johansen roused the Alden town board, which approved one of its trucks to help clear village streets.

“Snow, snow and more snow. Like to give Alden a huge thank you,” board president Chad Peterson said. “Basically our dump truck is junk, it’s not easy to drive and it’s not working very well. With no maintenance guy and the amount of snow we were getting, we did contact Alden about taking care of the outlying streets -- 5th Street and Saratoga. We asked if they could cover for us until Bob gets familiar with our equipment. They called their board together and they said whatever we need, they’ll figure it out and they’ll bill us at their rate,” Peterson said.

“I called the county, too, and the county would work the same as Alden as far as rates. So for now, these two [options] will get us by. What it amounts to is, we’d be paying the same rate as our maintenance here. We’ve paid Alden for quite a number of years now to take care of two of our streets which are county line roads. Really we’d just be stretching them out,” trustee Matthys said.

President Peterson estimated it would take $300,000 to purchase a new dump truck and even a used truck at half the price would be more than the village could afford.

An agreement with either Alden or the county to handle the village’s major roads would save that cost plus village employee time plus costs for repairs.

The village would still handle the side streets with the pick up.

In 2015, Alden charged the village $815 for 12 trips.

Matthys and Peterson plan to bring the proposal before the public works committee for consideration at the next meeting.

Other business
  • Trustees approved using $5,330 from the fund balance to pay the village’s share of the down payment on New Richmond Fire & Rescue’s new pumper truck.

  • Trustees agreed to table a decision to write off $3,170 incurred for the installation of a water meter at Rescue Station II until NRFR Board has an opportunity to respond to a letter to be drafted by attorney Tim Scott seeking reimbursement for the meter installation expense.