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Six bid for county supervisor District 7 post

Six candidates have thrown their hats in the ring to fill the District 7 St. Croix County Supervisor's position.

The death of supervisor Eugene Ruetz in January created the opening.

County Clerk Cindy Campbell said she the six include former board members Stan Krueger and Shane Demulling of Somerset, Willard Moeri, Roberts village president, former board member Margaret Wolske and Karen Meyer of Roberts and Dianne K. Joachim of New Richmond.

Campbell said Chair Daryl Standafer intends to recommend a candidate to the full board its regular meeting Tuesday (March 1) for a vote by the 19-member group. The recommendation needs to be confirmed by a majority vote of the board.

District 7 is made up of portion of the towns of Richmond, Somerset, Warren and the village of Roberts.

Campbell said the new supervisor will also have to be elected to committee positions that were formerly held by Ruetz.

Ruetz served on the administration and community development committees as an elected official. He also was a member of the River Country resource and development committee, Squaw Lake rehabilitation district, county fair board and ad hoc building facilities committee.