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Moore holds slight lead over Weix in St. Croix County

A large number of pricinct in St. Croix County reported at approximately 9 p.m. Tuesday night and Democratic 10th District Senate candidate Shelly Moore holds just a slight lead over her opponent Isaac Weix.

With all but a handful precincts reporting in St. Croix County, Moore holds a 6,646-6,220 lead over Weix in the county. The district includes parts of five counties, but most of St. Croix and Pierce counties are in the district.

Weix, a known Republican, ran against Moore in the Democratic primary in an attempt to gain more campaign time for Republican incumbent Sheila Harsdorf. She was in Madison working on a budget bill during the early weeks of the campaign. The recall election is scheduled Aug. 9.

Watch for further updates throughout the evening.