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Local election results hold a few surprises

It was a pretty busy night for local elections Tuesday (April 5).

Following are the unofficial results from the balloting. The "x" next to the names denotes the winners.

Tuesday night's preliminary results for spring local elections:

New Richmond municipal judge

x Renee Keating 764

Don Lepper 274

New Richmond alderman D1

x Craig Kittel 133

New Richmond alderman D2

x Kirk Van Blaircom 131

New Richmond alderman D3

x Roberta Dale-Wozniak 94

New Richmond School Board

x Chris Skoglund 1971

x Marilyn Duerst 1885

x Paula Kolbeck 1826

Village of Somerset president

x Jeff Johnson 185

Village of Somerset trustees

x Bob Campbell 116

x Greg Sayers 115

x Robert Krueger 114

Bartt Palmer 108

Village of Somerset judge

x Brad Nemec 186

Somerset School Board

x Marie Colbeth 818

x Robert Gunther 759

Village of Star Prairie president

x Greg Gibson 107

Jerry Ledo 61

Village of Star Prairie trustees

x Bruce Johnson 112

x Christine Boardman 111

Village of Star Prairie judge

x Todd Naylor 74

Village of Roberts president

x Willard Moeri 166

Terry Dull 131

Village of Roberts trustees

x Chuck Pizzi 230

x Katy Kapaun 213

x Don Gerhardt 211

Village of Hammond president

4 Tony Bibeau 168

Vince Trudell 151

Village of Hammond trustees

x Tony Bibeau 179

x Doug Doll 168

x Erin McComb 150

Nick Carstens 143

Eric Arthur 128

St. Croix Central School Board

x David Olsen 1003

x John Hueg 958

Village of Deer Park president

x Randy Olson 60

Elden Spencer 5

Village of Deer Park trustee

x Arlyn Severson 61

Town of Star Prairie chairman

x Doug Rivard 423

Felicia Germain 262

Town of Star Prairie supervisors

x Steve Lewis 450

x Scott Counter 390

Michelle Baillargeon 266

Town of Richmond chairman

x Todd Rehnelt 481

Town of Richmond supervisors

x Gary Knutson 432

x Richard Volkert 405

Jeff Dionisopoulos 139

Michael Jacobson 134

Town of Somerset chairman

x Ed Schachtner 501

Town of Somerset supervisors

x Douglas Plourde 366

x Larry Rauch 209

Tom Gunther 173

Harold J. Carufel 160

Town of Stanton chairman

x Richard Hesselink 179

Town of Stanton supervisor #1

x Gerald Croes 112

Walter Anderson 72

Town of Stanton supervisor #2

x Steven Hoogheem 171

Town of Stanton clerk/treasurer

x Sharon Balcerek 171

Town of Warren chairman

x Michael Kamm 196

Richard J. Meyer 131

Town of Warren supervisors

x Grace Hoyer 244

x David Cowles 244

Town of Forest chairman

x Jaime Junker 209

Roger Swanepoel 146

Town of Forest treasurer

x Jennifer Anderson 204

Lanett Frank 148

Town of Forest supervisors

x Rick Steinberger 225

x Patrick Scepurek 204

Carlton Cress 133

Douglas Karau 126

Town of Forest clerk

x Terri Swanepoel 232

Town of Emerald clerk

x Barbara Prinsen 156

Tamara Wittmer 68

Town of Hammond chairman

x Kenneth Peterson 318

Town of Hammond supervisors

x Gregory Gillis 205

x Paul Hueg 175

Jim Krizan 135

Zack Gillis 73

Town of Hammond clerk

x Linda Hawkins 322

Town of Hammond treasurer

x Kathleen Guski 328

Town of Cylon chairman

x Randy Zemke 116

Town of Cylon supervisors

x Dennis Erickson 100

x Kevin Derrick 85

Town of Cylon clerk

x Brenda Kaczmarski 118

Town of Cylon treasurer

x Lois Burri 119

Town of Emerald chairman

x Henry Hurtgen 198

Town of Emerald supervisors

x Francis Klatt 170

x Tom Wink 184

Town of Emerald treasurer

x Donald Prinsen 211

Town of Erin Prairie chairman

x John Van Dyk 114

Town of Erin Prairie supervisors

x Dennis Mitchell 107

x Michael Monteith 90

Town of Erin Prairie clerk-treasurer

x Jackie Micthell 114