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Star Prairie Village Board to amend ATV ordinance

After gathering public input for several months, the Star Prairie Village Board of Trustees directed attorney Tim Scott to draw up a new amendment to Village Ordinance Title 10, Chapter 4, permitting all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to travel on village streets.

The trustees specified that the amendment include a season of May 5 to Nov. 1, limit hours of operation to between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., and limit speed to 10 mph.

The village will need to specifically designate where the route will cross the ballfield at Village Park. Attorney Scott also advised the board to adopt the state statute with regard to age restrictions defining an adult as 18 years old and requiring operators aged 12 to 15 to be accompanied by an adult.

Other business:

• Lewis Knapp of WE Energies requested an easement to relocate a new gas line in River Island Park. He presented the board with maps designating where the new gas line will be located in conjunction with the County Road M Apple River Bridge replacement project. The current pipeline attached to the bridge is the last of its kind in the state. Engineer Angela Popenhagen (Stevens) requested Lewis make an adjustment to accommodate a sanitary manhole. Lewis expects to begin construction within four weeks.

• The board approved a survey to be managed by Popenhagen as the first step in engineering improvements to County Road M from the end of the bridge to Highway 65. The board requested Popenhagen prepare drawings, storm water information and compliance requirements for St. Croix County to be presented as part of a public informational meeting to be held in conjunction with an upcoming board meeting.

• Popenhagen was also instructed to file the appropriate grant application for the 2014-2015 Local Roads Improvement Program. The grant would cover up to 50 percent of eligible costs estimated to be $8,000 to $10,000. Based on the village’s current capital improvement plan, the board chose Utgaard Avenue for reconstruction.

• The board approved a request from Esher Enterprises Corporation (EEC) to move St. John’s Episcopal Church to a location yet to be determined in the village. EEC hopes to obtain historical preservation status for the chapel originally built in 1863 by boat builder William Gibson. The board requested an action plan from EEC addressing the final location and any zoning issues.

• The board approved a tree planting memorial request from Rick and Chris Nelson to be coordinated through Brody Larson.

• Trustees also approved the purchase of a Metro Tech HL5000 leak locator for $3,500 from Davies Water Equipment Co.

• Amy Danielson’s request to open a dance studio/cultural center at 318 Main Street will require a conditional use permit and public hearing.