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City of New Richmond seeks input on logo wording

The City of New Richmond is seeking input from residents about which taglines should be included with its logo image. (Submitted image)

The New Richmond Common Council decided upon four versions of its logo tagline to present to residents in hopes of gaining input before choosing a final version.

“I think another thing to keep in mind is that it’s not just letterhead,” said City Administrator Mike Darrow, during the council’s Oct. 28 work session. “It’s banners, and it’s business cards, and it’s trucks.”

Option 1 is the logo with the wording “City of New Richmond” and no tagline.

Option 2 is the logo with the wording “New Richmond” and “The City Beautiful,” with a tagline of “Come grow with us.”

Option 3 is the logo with the wording “City of New Richmond” with a tagline of “Actively Inviting | Naturally Authentic.”

Option 4 is the logo with the wording “City of New Richmond,” “The City Beautiful,” “actively inviting | naturally authentic,” “Wisconsin” and the tagline “Come grow with us.”

Among the options eliminated were versions that included wording inside the logo image itself, which were in contradiction with a previous council vote to not change the logo image, and just change the wording surrounding the image.

Mayor Fred Horne put forth the case for his favorite version.

“I happen to like Page 8,” Horne said, referring to Option 2 in his council packet. “It has ‘The City Beautiful’ and on the bottom is the tagline ‘Come grow with us.’ That’s my personal favorite.”

Council member Scottie Ard was in favor of versions that include “The City Beautiful,” and thought the rest of the phrases were temporary marketing language not suitable for a lasting city logo.

“‘The City Beautiful’ is the motto of the City of New Richmond,” argued council member Scottie Ard. “Everyone knows what that is. They know where it is. Even in Green Bay. What we’re looking at with ‘Come grow with us’ and ‘Actively Inviting | Naturally Authentic,’ is marketing lines. They are not descriptive of this city. ‘The City Beautiful’ is a motto line.”

Council member Craig Kittel was quick to point out that the council wasn’t deciding on the final logo at that meeting, and instead just narrowing options before taking the matter to the public.

The city is now in the process of creating a feedback form on its website for residents who wish to provide feedback and choose their favorite option. Check the city’s website ( and Facebook page ( for updates.

In other council news:

• The council approved amendments to city ordinances 458, 459 and 460 regarding violations, notices, citations, orders, hearings and permits.

• The council heard a presentation from Matt Melby of the New Richmond Area Ambulance Service. Melby informed the council about an upcoming 65 percent hike in tax assessments needed to cover losses in its operations.

• The council heard a preliminary budget presentation from Darrow.

• The council approved a bid from Bernard’s Northtown car dealership for two new Dodge Durango SUVs to be used as police vehicles at $34,575 apiece, which includes necessary interior equipment upgrades needed by the police department.

Micheal Foley
Micheal Foley worked at RiverTown Multimedia from July 2013 to June 2015 as editor at the New Richmond News. 
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