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Star Prairie Village Board approves $3,950 for water tower cleaning

The location of the water tower in the Village of Star Prairie seems to be problematic when it comes to keeping it clean. At their regular board meeting last Wednesday evening, trustees reviewed four bids to clean the tower ranging in price from $6,600 down to $3,500.

If it seems like the tower was just cleaned, it was in 2012 by an outfit out of Illinois.

The wide range in prices correlated to the approaches each company planned to use to clean the tower. Most planned to clean just the sections covered in dirt, mold and mildew and blend their work to match the rest of the uncleaned tower. The most expensive bid accounted for cleaning the whole tower top to bottom, no blending. One of the bids also specifically stated it would use a mold- and mildew-resistant cleaning agent.

Turns out the company who cleaned the tower in 2013 guaranteed their work against mold and mildew, a guarantee which proved worthless given the location of the tower and the environmental conditions to which it is subject.

“We went through that last time. They guaranteed it would be mold- and mildew-resistant for three years.

“With the trees there, with the wind, anything that can go up and attach to that tower, it’s going to grow,” village maintenance operator Brody Larson said.

After discussion, the board unanimously approved a bid from KLM Engineering for $3,950 to clean the tower.

Larson also suggested that the board members begin thinking about setting aside money for repainting the tower, noting a paint job normally lasts about 15 years.

Other business

The board approved a proposal from Cyclone Fence out of Somerset to replace the existing outfield fence at the ballpark with a new six -foot high chain link fence at a cost of $5,048. The village will still be able to attach advertising to the new fence.

The board approved a bid of $584 from D.J. Seamless Gutters to install rain gutters at the River Island Park shelter facility.

The board approved an amendment to Village Ordinance Section 12-1-2 prohibiting the use of metal detecting devices in village parks.

The board approved Resolution No. 2016-02 amending the 2015 budget expenditures by $9,050.

The resolution decreases expenditures for the part-time office position by $1,550, principal on the state trust fund by $5,875 and interest on the state trust fund by $1,625.

The measure increases expenditures on police by $1,275, animal control by $275 and transfers $7,500 to the debt service fund.