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Star Prairie board approves WisDOT bid for curb and gutter work

At a special meeting of the Star Prairie Village Board last Wednesday evening, trustees voted unanimously to approve a bid by Monarch Paving in the amount $133,511 to replace all of the curb and gutter along Main Street as part of the WisDOT Highway 65 construction project.

The bid exceeded the initial estimate of $107,900 by $25,611 provided by Stevens engineer Angela Poppenhagen. Poppenhagen solicited an alternate bid from a local contractor at the board’s request to perform only the removal work. The bid might have saved the village as much as $10,000. However, Poppenhagen made the case that subcontracting the work out to local contractor would require more of her time to coordinate at an additional cost, reducing the savings. WisDOT would also have to approve the bid and that was not guaranteed. The re-bidding process could also delay the start of construction.

Ultimately the board decided paying the additional cost outweighed the projected savings when taking into consideration Poppenhagen’s added expenses and the uncertainty of WisDOT’s approval, which would most likely delay the start of the project.

The added cost will raise the cost assessed to adjacent property owners by 12 percent — from $30 per-lineal foot to $33.70 per-lineal foot.

The village will pay for its portion of the project out of funds it has received from the State of Wisconsin General Transportation Aids Program.

The trustees also awarded A-1 Excavating an additional $83,404 to extend the North Area Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Project up to Pearl Avenue. A-1’s initial bid for $107,884 accounted for reconstruction that extended just beyond Russell’s Sport & Bike. The project addresses serious leaks in the system identified by video inspection of the system last fall.

The project will be paid for in part by a loan from the State of Wisconsin. In anticipation of these costs, trustees raised the sewer utility rate 8.52 percent in March.

The reconstruction project addresses several areas of concern identified in the village’s first Sanitary Sewer Inflow/Infiltration Report prepared by Poppenhagen and adopted by the board Wednesday night.