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Village of Star Prairie to borrow $200,000 for sewer project

Trustees of the Village of Star Prairie approved a resolution to move forward with a loan application to the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) for $200,000 to pay for the North Area Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Project.

“Basically we have to send in the paperwork that Patsy has prepared for us to start the process to get approved for the loan. We’re looking at financing $200,000 over 20 years,” explained Board President Chad Peterson.

The BCPL manages a trust which can be used to provide funds for a variety of projects primarily focused on education and public works. Loans greater than 10 years are restricted to financing public purpose projects, including sanitary sewer district repair and reconstruction projects. The term for the village’s general obligation loan will be 20 years.

The board revisited the bid by KLM Engineering, Inc. for $3,950 to clean the water tower.

“Initially we approved KLM to do the water tower cleaning. Tim wanted some language changed on the contract. They changed it. Tim wanted some other language changed. They balked, saying they never had to change that language before, leaving us at a standstill. We have two options — we can go with our original contract noting Tim’s advice and get the project done. They [were] scheduled to start on Aug. 8. Or we cannot go with KLM and go with the other bid by McGuire and start over and see when they would be available,” said Peterson.

The board approved KLM’s bid, including the amended language initially provided by attorney Scott. They also noted they were proceeding without incorporating any further changes proposed by attorney Scott.

Work on the water tower is expected to be completed before the start of Ox Cart Days.

Work on the WisDOT Highway 65 construction project got under way Aug. 1 and is expected to be completed by Sept. 30. Construction will progress only as far as the water tower up until Ox Cart Days leaving Main Street fully accessible for the festival. Construction will continue downtown on Monday, Aug. 22.

Other business

The board scheduled an emergency management training session for Wednesday, Aug. 24, starting at 6 p.m.

The board scheduled the first meeting to work on the 2017 budget for Wednesday, Sept. 28, starting at 6 p.m.