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Village of Roberts adds Clearas option to facility plan

At their meeting Monday night, Village of Roberts trustees approved a recommendation from their Public Works Committee to add the Clearas algae technology treatment option to their facility plan.

SEH, Inc. expects to have the revised plan ready for a public hearing before the end of March. Pending a public hearing to review the revised facility plan including the Clearas option, the board would be able to approve and submit the revised plan to the DNR for review within the next 60 to 90 days.

The Clearas green technology mixes hybrid algae with waste effluent then uses photosynthesis to grow the algae which consume phosphorus and nitrogen present in the effluent, then separates the algae from the clean water using microfiltration. The Village must put in place the means to meet the DNR's stringent new phosphorus requirement set to take effect Jan.1, 2019.

Release the funds

Public Works Director John Bond recommended releasing a $16,000 grant awarded to the village for street projects in 2016. The funds had previously been extended for one year pending the start of construction on the new projects. Since those projects will not be started again this year, releasing the funds would allow another municipality an opportunity to use the funds.

Legal counsel

Following a closed session, trustees announced the village will be interviewing four law firms to determine who the village will engage for legal counsel going forward.

Trustees also approved passage of the probationary period for both Chris Holmes (public works) and Lisa Mann (police department).

Other business

• Trustees revised an earlier decision to turn over responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the section of water system that runs between Cherry Lane and Division Street South to Summerfield Development. Contingent on approval by Summerfield, the board adopted a recommendation by Angi Goodwin of Ayres Associates to return responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the section from the 12-inch main all the way to the taps to the Village. However, the cost any work performed by the village on the section of the system from the main to the taps, including laterals, will be reimbursed by Summerfield.

• Trustees approved renewal of All-Croix Inspections/Todd Dolan as building inspector. Dolan's contract included a new additional $25 fee per permit for electronic submission to the state and a 25-cent per-page charge for copies.