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NR Community Action Plan kickoff event set for June 29

New Richmond residents, businesses, commercial property owners, and community organizations, are invited to develop new recommendations and opportunities that will shape the future of the city for the next 10 years.

Interested persons are encouraged to participate on the new community-driven committee where their ideas become the basis for the city’s new Community Action Plan (CAP), in conjunction with the city’s comprehensive plan activities. This new action plan will assist the city and community in developing wide-spread relationships working together to implement the resulting CAP recommendations.

Details of the six-month CAP process will be presented at a community kickoff gathering on Thursday, June 29, from 5-7 p.m. at Champs (Greaton Room). The evening will start with a social hour from 5-6 p.m. An introduction to the CAP process begins at 6 p.m. outlining the formation of the CAP committee engagement process, goals, and subcommittee activities. All interested persons are encouraged to attend and learn how their interests, knowledge and talents will contribute to the long-term success of New Richmond. The evening concludes with committee participation sign-up.

“We are excited to see fresh ideas from our community and look forward to building a stronger relationship between the city and community to make New Richmond a great place to work, run a business, raise families, or enjoy retirement, all contributing to our community’s health and future success,” said Mayor Fred Horne.

The goal of the CAP process is to form new and widespread community relationships that take ownership of the resulting recommendations and projects. It is through these expanding relationships and resources that the CAP becomes a strategic action plan turning ideas into reality.

“The city, residents, and businesses are presented with a rare opportunity to have our community lead the process encouraging develop of their own ideas and recommendations we can include in our Comprehensive Plan and work on together towards implementation. We feel it is important that this is a community-driven plan,” said Alderman Jim Zajkowski.

The community kickoff will review how participating committee members’ interests will be matched with CAP subcommittees’ areas of focus.

Creating community – Assists city’s staff and consultants in updating the community’s overall planning and housing needs to meet new opportunities, emerging demands, anticipated growth, and future land use.

Economic prosperity – Identify a path the city can take to create an economic balance serving downtown, new development, and the employment opportunities residents seek while providing economic benefits to the community at-large.

Community connectivity – Identify opportunities to enhance the various modes of transportation methods and future needs supporting an active and connected quality of life.

Quality of life – Develop opportunities to enhance the active lifestyles of residents of all ages to enjoy.

Community pride – Defining the city’s brand related to the quality of community safety, schools, facilities and social services, all supporting the community’s health and well-being.

In addition to generating recommendations supporting the success of New Richmond, the committee will seek innovative ways to cultivate community resources to play a major role in supporting and potentially funding their emerging community projects.

The CAP project team includes city staff and consultants Todd Streeter, principal, Community Collaboration, and Brad Scheib, vice president, Hoisington Koegler Group.

“The greatest resource any City has exists in its own back yard. Through this process, we hope residents, businesses, community leaders, and organizations, will join together to invest in the resulting CAP projects, ensuring New Richmond continues on a secure and successful path for decades to come,” Streeter said.

For additional information and committee participation opportunities, interested participants are encouraged attend the community kickoff gathering or contact Beth Thompson at 715-243-0402 or

Submitted by the City of New Richmond