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St. Croix Valley Foundations assets top $20 million

St. Croix Valley Foundation members include, from front left: Shannon Hooley Enright, SCVF Marketing Committee and Stillwater Area Foundation; Nate Jackson, SCVF Donor Services Committee; Dr. David Wettergren, SCVF Board Affairs Committee chairman; Dr. Gretchen Stein, SCVF Board Affairs Committee and Affiliate Liaison; Dick Whitcomb, Hudson Community Fund chairman. Middle row, left to right: Tricia Christiansen, Hudson Community Fund Board vice chair; Patty Draxler, SCVF Audit Committee chair; Todd Stre...

The Board of the St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) announced Thursday that its assets are now $20,600,000.

Board members celebrated the news at their regular board meeting Tuesday, Jan. 11, in Hudson.

"It's been a volatile couple of years, but we've all worked hard at getting the foundation's story out about the impact that we make in the Valley, and people realize how the foundation can help them to leave a legacy," said " said chairman Steve Wilcox.

Wilcox also credited two previous board chairs, Dr. Gretchen Stein and Dr. David Wettergren, for providing leadership that led up to reaching this milestone.

Established in 1995, the foundation has made almost $11 million in grants to St. Croix Valley communities since that time. The board believes it is important for people to know that the power of endowment allows for funds to grow while continuously making more and bigger grants to nonprofit organizations, causes and projects, Wilcox said.

Recently the foundation's successful Partners for the Future program helped 19 nonprofit organizations in the Valley raise $2 million for their own endowed funds.

A new competitive health and wellness grant program has been announced, with a focus on stemming childhood obesity by exercising outside, taking advantage of the Valley's abundant natural resources.

SCVF is also working on a National Heritage Initiative, which will involve engaging communities to tell their unique cultural, historical, economic and environmental stories, which, all woven together, create the mosaic of the overarching story of the St. Croix Valley.

In addition to its headquarters in Hudson, SCVF works with six community fund advisory boards: the Hudson Community Fund, the River Falls Community Fund, the Amery Community Foundation, the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation, the Lower St. Croix Community Foundation and the Stillwater Area Foundation.

The six groups work in their own communities to encourage philanthropy and to make grants locally. The professional team at the Hudson office helps to staff these advisory boards and provide technical assistance to the groups.

"We are very proud of the work our affiliate partners are doing in their communities," says Wilcox. "They and the board of SCVF have become a powerful philanthropic resource for the entire Valley."