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Shelly Moore: Not running against Harsdorf out of frustration or anger

During a one-on-one interview, 10th Senate District Democratic candidate Shelly Moore said she views her candidacy in the recall election against Sheila Harsdorf as expanding what she does in the classroom. Moore, who teaches English/Drama at Ellsworth High School, said she will reach out to 10th District constituents whose voices are no longer being heard.

Moore said good teaching is about reaching out to students and stimulating their innate potential.

"For me, the biggest thing about this race is that I have no anger directed at Sheila Harsdorf," Moore said. "I come at this with a positive approach. I see so much potential that isn't being tapped by not listening to people -- our farmers, working families and seniors. There are solutions to improve the way we live but we have to be listening for them."

Earlier in May, Moore announced her candidacy in Hudson for an expected recall election in July against Harsdorf, a Republican. Moore got her master's degree at UW-River Falls.

While a Democrat, Moore said her views and those of her constituents come first. As an example, she described herself as "very pro-gun," a position not usually taken by Democrats. She also called herself a "fiscal conservative."

Moore stressed that her campaign for state senator will remain positive, even if attacked.

"I will not engage in bully politics, even though the opposition has said that is their intent," she said, adding that name calling against her by Republicans began Tuesday, May 3, the day she declared her candidacy.

Look for more on this story in the May 18 print editions of the River Falls Journal, Hudson Star-Observer, New Richmond News and Pierce County Herald.