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Races set for spring election

The filing period has passed for elections throughout the area, with many of the local races being contested heading toward Election Day on April 1. Primaries will take place on Feb. 18 for some races.

Area voters will get the chance to vote on a wide variety of races on the April 1 ballots, including school board candidates, county supervisors and many local municipality races.

Several races, including Village Trustee in the Village of Hammond and the Village of Roberts, will be contested with incumbents being challenged by multiple newcomers.

New Richmond Mayor Fred Horne, who also serves as the District 12 county supervisor, has decided not to run, and three newcomers will face off in a Feb. 18 primary ahead of the April 1 election.

Races for the area school boards will also be contested with multiple candidates running for a small number of seats.

The following is a guide of the candidates who will appear on the ballot for each local race, with the incumbents indicated with an “i” next to their name. Some municipalities have yet to hold their nominating caucuses, and others have no races scheduled in 2014.

City of New Richmond


— Fred Horne (i)

District 4 Alderperson:

— Jane Hansen (i)

District 5 Alderperson:

— Ron Volkert (i)

District 6 Alderperson

— Jim Zajkowski (i)

Village of Hammond

Village Trustee (three seats):

— Mary Rivard (i)

— Lynn Pabst (i)

— Mark Benton (i)

— Wally Graf

— Ron Kappers

Municipal Judge:

— Sandra Nelson (i)

Village of Roberts

Village Trustee (three seats):

— Marge Wolski (i)

— Chad Svacina

— Peter Tharp

— Lorraine Siegert

Village of Somerset

Village Trustee (three seats):

— David Carufel (i)

— Bartt Palmer (i)

— Ryan Sicard (i)

Village of Star Prairie

Village Trustee (two seats; individuals nominated at caucus have until Jan. 17 to decline to run):

— Andrew Marrier (i)

— Gary Peterson (i)

— Chad Peterson

Town of Cylon

No offices are up for election in 2014.

Town of Erin Prairie

No offices are up for election in 2014.

Town of Hammond

Town Board Supervisor (two seats):

— Kent Wynveen (i)

— Paulette Anderson (i)

Town of Richmond

Town Board Supervisor (two seats):

Richard Berquist (i)

David Naser (i)

Town of Saint Joseph

Town Board Supervisor 1

— Tom Spaniol (i)

Town Board Supervisor 3

— Steven “Morrie” Johnson

— Richard Thompson

Town of Somerset

Town Board Supervisor (two seats):

— Lenny Germain (i)

— Shane Demulling (i)

Town of Stanton

No offices are up for election in 2014.

Town of Star Prairie

Town Board Supervisor (two seats):

— Michele Hermansen

— Joe Schachtner

— Patrick Geraghty

— Gary Hanson

Town of Warren

Town Board Supervisor (two seats):

— Caucus is scheduled for Jan. 20.

New Richmond School District

Board member (three seats):

— Stacy Brevard-Mays

— Marilyn Duerst (i)

— Paula Kolbeck (i)

— Chris Skoglund (i)

Saint Croix Central School District

Board member (two seats):

— Lee Sarnstrom

— David Olsen (i)

— John Hueg (i)

Somerset School District

Board member (two seats)

— Nancy Dressel

— Marie Colbeth (i)

— Bob Gunther (i)

St. Croix County

St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 1:

— Eric Lundell

St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 4:

— Howard Cameron (i)

District 1 Supervisor (Town of Somerset, Village of Somerset):

— Travis J. Schachtner (i)

District 2 Supvervisor (Town of St. Joseph, Town of Somerset):

— Agnes Ring (i)

— Tim Bender

District 3 Supervisor (Town of Hudson, Town of St. Joseph):

— Tim Hood (i)

— Christopher Babbitt

District 11 Supervisor (Town of Stanton, Town of Star Prairie, Village of Star Prairie):

— Roger Larson (i)

— Mark A. Struble

— Bradley A. Perrin

District 12 Supervisor (Town of Star Prairie, City of New Richmond):

— Daniel Hansen

— Stacy Brevard-Mays

— Joseph Brost

District 13 Supervisor (City of New Richmond):

— Ron Kiesler (i)

— Kristy Teske

District 14 Supervisor (Town of Erin Prairie, Town of Richmond, Town of Warren):

— Andy Brinkman (i)

District 15 Supervisor (Town of Kinnickinnic, Town of Pleasant Valley, Town of Rush River, Town of Warren, Village of Roberts):

— David Peterson (i)

— Donald E. Schumacher

District 16 Supervisor (Town of Baldwin, Town of Hammond, Village of Hammond):

— William H. Gary III

— Paulette Anderson

District 17 Supervisor (Town of Cylon, Town of Emerald, Town of Forest, Town of Glenwood, Village of Deer Park, City of Glenwood City):

— David Olson

— Judy Achterhof