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Candidate Profile of Howard Kruschke (running for St. Croix Central Board of Education)

Howard Kruschke

Howard Kruschke is running for a seat on the St. Croix Central School District Board of Education in the April 7 election.



Name: Howard Kruschke

Age: 58

Occupation: I have worked at 3M as an analytical specialist for the last 37 years.

Family: I have been married to Doreen for  years and raised three sons in the SCC School District. All three sons are SCC graduates.

Prior elected offices held: I am presently on the St. Croix Central School Board and have served in that capacity for the last 15 years.

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: I have been involved in a wide variety of civic groups and organizations over the years. I served as a Boy Scout leader, worked as an EMT for Roberts-Warren Fire and Rescue for 23 years and Rescue Captain for nine years. I have served on various advisory committees for WITC and SCC schools. Presently I serve as Board President of the SCC School Board and also serve as a member of the CESA 11 Board of Control.

Why would you like to serve on the St. Croix Central School Board?: The SCC schools have undergone significant changes in the last few years, all focused on improving student achievement. I would like to continue the improvements and programming implemented by this school board, administration and staff to produce students who achieve the maximum of their potential.