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Candidate Profile of Scott DeGross (running for St. Croix Central Board of Education)

Scott DeGross

Scott DeGross is running for a seat on the St. Croix Central School District Board of Education in the April 7 election.



Name: Scott DeGross

Age: 49

Occupation: Manager

Family: Wife and three sons (two St. Croix Central graduates, one junior at SCC)

Prior elected offices held: SCC Board since 2003

Clubs, organizations and civic involvement: Church, Past Lions Club, SCC Rec volunteer coach

Why would you like to serve on the St. Croix Central Board of Education?: The recently passed referendum was a critical piece to keep our District heading in the right direction. Now that it passed, I would like to see it through to completion. We have an unbelievable staff and administration team and we need to keep building our human component of educating our children. Finally, budgets are always tough, but never more than when the State is talking about drastic cuts to public education. There is no better driver of economic and societal growth than a well-educated populace. The district needs to be a steward of the resources we are trusted with and an advocate for proper funding for our students. The first and last question we need to ask as school board members is, how does it affect kids, and is it good for kids?

How can voters find out more about you online?: The best way to find out about me is face-to-face in person.