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Candidate profiles: Star Prairie Town Board

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Candidates running for the Town of Star Prairie Board recently submitted their candidate profiles.
Candidates who will be on the Tuesday, April 5, ballot are Michele Hermansen, Joe Schachtner and Gary Hanson.
 Hermansen and Hanson have provided their profiles. Schachtner did not reply to The News's request for information. The following are the profiles received ...

Michele Hermansen Running for re-election to Star Prairie Town Board - Supervisor Position Education - New Richmond Public Schools; Bachelor of Science- University of MN;  MN Mgmt Institute- Carlson School of Management.Family - Married, parents of two grown daughters, each married with one child and working in professional fields

Work History - partially retired, continuing to work in photojournalism and public speaking as well as volunteer contributions.  Former Executive Director of New Richmond Area Community Foundation, Vice President of Sales, Human Resources Manager. I am running for re-election because our "government by the people and for the people" starts at the local level.  In my first two years on this board I have demonstrated that I am someone who is an intelligent, informed, hard-working, positive leader.  Our biggest challenge is continuing to provide the high quality services our residents have come to expect with tighter and tighter budgets.  At the Town level, our primary responsibilities are maintaining roads (61.5 miles in our town), providing fire and ambulance services, assessing and collecting property taxes and facilitating elections.  We have to do that with very little money, as the town gets only about 9 cents of each property tax dollar collected.  It takes good leadership to stay on top of what needs to be done in the town as well as sourcing resources that may be available for us.  Excellent communication skills are a critical part of this job. 
 On a project level, I look forward to completing and implementing up to date town ordinances in the coming year.  

Gary Hanson

For Town of Star Prairie Supervisor

Background: 61 years old, 26-year resident of Town of Star Prairie 

(34 in Somerset area.) 

Education: Bachelor Chemical Engineering: U of MN / IT,

WITC – New Richmond.

Prior Elective Office:  None.

Occupation: Owner Bake Star, Inc. specialty bakery equip. design & manufacturing.

Reasons for running:  I am running for this position because I have a concern for the needs of my fellow residents, to have a person on the Town Board who will look out for their interests. As I have gone door to door asking for their votes and listening to their concerns, I have found what most people want are better roads, keeping our rural nature and being treated by their elected officials with respect. I have the business, research background to stay up on the activities that the other levels of government that affect our community (so we don't keep getting blindsided) and the common sense to find solutions.

Public Service Experience: Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics; Jr. Achievement Mentor, Paint-A-Thon, Highway Cleanup, Mpls. Planning Council, Member Sons of the American Legion, Fraternal Organizations, ASTM: Sanitation Bakery Standards Board, WITC Student Senate/Alumni. Awards: 3M – Outstanding Contribution to the Community; Congress Mpls. Neighborhoods – Community Service Award.

Hobbies: Classic Car restoration (I have a '67 Pontiac Catalina Convertible that I am restoring), fishing, writing Science Fiction stories and inventing.

Issues: Neighbors need to know when building permits and other projects that affect them are considered. Although, I am a strong believer in personal property rights, there are exceptions where real governmental needs and effects cross property lines. With the I-36 Bridge set to open in 2017 this area will come into strong developmental forces, we need Board members committed to maintaining our rural nature.  

Check out my Facebook campaign page for further information

Joe Schachtner

Joe Schachtner, an incumbent member of the Town of Star Prairie Board, lives in Somerset and has worked several years at Andersen Corporation in Bayport, Minn., according to his Facebook page.

He is a graduate of Somerset High  School and has been married to Patty Rivard Schachtner since February 1979