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Somerset Village approves building inspector agreement

The issue regarding the building inspector for the Village of Somerset has been resolved.

Board members had been considering the new building inspector's contract for the past few months.

Brian Wert had been contracted by the Village of Somerset as the building inspector for approximately 10 years. When his contract came up for renewal earlier this summer, the board members were surprised to see that he raised his rates slightly.

Wert had explained the increase was due to not having raised the rates last time his contract was approved, when the housing market was on the upswing. However, he maintained that the increase corresponded with other building inspectors' fees in the area.

The board members voted to table the issue until they had a chance to compare fees. At the August meeting, they had an answer.

"Well, you are still in line with other entities in the area," said Jeff Johnson, village president.

"I don't like the term 'taxpayer fee,'" Wert said, in reference to the fee increase. "It's a 'user fee,' since only those who will be building will be affected."

The board approved Wert's new building inspection agreement.

In other news:

• The board approved online CPR training with one on-site training session for the police department.

• Pam Donohoe, village clerk, said the concert payment situation has not changed. The village has not been paid for its services regarding Country Splash 2010.

• Somerset Fire/Rescue Chief Travis Belisle said that his department has formed a committee to look for a rescue boat to replace the Argo. He said that they are realistically considering buying one next year once they get their payment from the past two years of Float-Rite concerts.

• Rita Lawson was voted to a three-year term on the library board.

• The Board of Appeals and Police Review Board nominees were tabled until next month.

• The Somerset Village Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Village Hall. The public is welcome to attend.