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Races develop for spring elections

Local elections often are non-eventful, but this year's April 3 ballot will include a number of interesting races. Filings closed on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at 5 p.m.

In the city of New Richmond, incumbent Mayor Fred Horne faces a challenge from former mayor David Schnitzler. Horne has been the city's top elected official for two years, and served as an alderman for 17 years. Schnitzler previously served as mayor for 14 years.

Incumbent Alderman Ron Volkert, who represents District 5, will also face a challenge in the election. Troy Boe has filed the necessary papers to be on the spring ballot.

Incumbent Alderman Jane Hansen in District 4 and incumbent Alderman Jim Zajkowski in District 6 will run unopposed in the election.

There are two open seats on the New Richmond Board of Education and four candidates have expressed an interest in representing their constituents. Rick Hinz (incumbent), Bryan Schafer (incumbent), Larry Moore and Stephanie M. Heidtke have all filed the necessary paperwork.

There are three open positions on the Somerset Board of Education. Four candidates have filed to be included on the April ballot, including incumbent Brian Moulton along with Tom Walter, Robert Campbell and Kelly Ott. Incumbents Catherine Cranston and Marin Hansch are not running for re-election.

For the St. Croix Central Board of Education election, only the three incumbents have filed. Kay Zwald, Howard Kruschke and Scott DeGross will be on the ballot.

In the Village of Hammond, six candidates will be on the ballot and three will be chosen to fill open seats. Official candidates are Mary Rivard, Vince Trudell, Brenda Monroe, incumbent Wally Graf, incumbent Steve Peterson and Mark Benton. Incumbent Chris Buckel did not file for re-election.

Three incumbents will be on the ballot in the Village of Somerset. Current board members David Carufel, Ryan Sicard and Bartt Palmer have filed for re-election. No other candidates filed the appropriate paperwork.

In the Village of Roberts, three open positions will be filled following the election. Incumbent trustee Rand Waughtal has filed a declaration of non-candidacy. Incumbents Nathan Stork and Peter Tharp have filed for re-election, and Terry Dull and Marge Wolske will also be on the ballot.

In the Town of Star Prairie, two supervisor positions will be filled with the spring election. Three candidates will be on the ballot, including incumbents Tom Heintz and Patty Schachtner and challenger Gary Hanson.

The Town of Richmond held a caucus to determine its candidates for the upcoming election. Those who will be on the ballot include incumbent Richard Berquist, Jeff Dionisopoulos, incumbent David Naser and Shawn Demulling. Two seats will be filled following the election.

In the Town of Somerset, three people have filed for the election, including incumbent Shane Demulling, incumbent Lenny Germain and challenger Matt Foucault.

In the Village of Star Prairie, thanks to the Jan. 4 caucus, have two candidates on the ballot to fill two open spots. Incumbents Andrew Marrier and Gary Peterson were the only candidates to emerge from the caucus.

The Town of Warren has a caucus planned for Jan. 16 to determine its candidates.