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St. Luke's Lutheran Church welcomes new pastor

Pastor Ryan Schroeder, the new associate pastor at St. Luke's Lutheran Church, was ordained and installed at the church on June 24. He said he's excited to make New Richmond his home and work with the church to attract new families to the congregation.

When Ryan Schroeder graduated from seminary school at Concordia University in St. Louis, Mo., he knew he wanted to be placed at a church with young families - it wasn't long before New Richmond reached out.

Now the associate pastor at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in New Richmond, Schroeder was ordained and installed as associate pastor on June 24.

"We are really excited to be here," he said. "We really do believe that God has placed us here in New Richmond."

The Milwaukee native is currently in the process of moving his family - wife, Cortney, and sons, Noah and Josiah - from the St. Louis area, where they lived while Schroeder completed his education.

Although he's a Milwaukee native, Schroeder said his short time in New Richmond already reminds him of the Hartford community, where his hometown church is located.

"It's a community style we're very familiar with," he said. "It reminds us a lot of where we're coming from."

Although Schroeder was installed at St. Luke's on June 24, he's still in the process of moving to the area.

"We're very excited to find a place and start exploring New Richmond," he said.

Schroeder said he was happy to see several non-chain places in town and has already been given the opportunity to dine at a few of them.

During his time away from the church, Schroeder said he enjoys spending time with his family, running, music, coffee and reading.

"I'm also a big tea person, so I'm excited to see what New Richmond has to offer for tea," he said.

As the associate pastor at St. Luke's Schroeder said he'll be charged with developing a plan to attract families to St. Luke's and discipleship.

"We're St. Luke's and associated with Saint Luke, the healer. We kind of see ourselves as the healing hand of Christ so I'll partner with the church to see what that means for us and what we want that to look like," he said.

Schroeder said he's already met several wonderful people in the congregation and he's looking forward to meeting more.

"I gladly invite people to come visit," he said. "I would love to see them on the weekend - I'll be sitting up front."