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Summer reads: highlighting two fantastic books

Summer Reads: Well let's pretend it's warm enough to go to the beach or maybe it's a vacation. You might have seen my Facebook post about summer reads this week. We are having a hard time keeping these books on the shelf so we keep ordering more in. I've decided to share about two books because one newspaper column is NOT enough room to highlight all of the fantastic lits out there!

"The Dry" by Jane Harper which begins, "It wasn't as though the farm hadn't seen death before and the blowflies didn't discriminate. To them there was little difference between a carcass and a corpse." Got your attention now. This crime book set in a farming community in Australia takes on the family murder and suicide. "The Dry" is a debut for the author who brings out compelling depth of the characters without getting too graphic for readers. It's in my bag for this week and I look forward to talking to others who have read it.

From another new literary voice comes the debut, "Salt Houses" by Hala Alyan. This is a multi-generational story about a family who originates from Palestine, in which the storyline evolves over decades of time and family members. The characters struggle with homeland instability and end up displaced as they roam across different continents. It confirms the destruction of war on families can last for generations. However, the author shows insightful, deep characters and what family really means and how they share the fears, laughter, celebrations and heartbreaks over a lifetime, no matter where home is.