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NR News building listed for sale

The one thing about change is it is constant! Nothing could be more accurate in our business these days. And with that comes the challenges of keeping up with those changes.

An example of change? Last year, RiverTown Multimedia and its parent Forum Communications Company purchased the Helmer group of shoppers expanding the number of homes reached in this region each week. Scuttlebutt magazine was also purchased. It serves a vibrant boating community in the region and beyond.

After considering what our business looks like today and what it will look like in the future, we have decided to list for sale our downtown office at 127 S. Knowles Ave., New Richmond.

Not a single day goes by I don't get asked "what is the future of your business?" To summarize, our core business hasn't changed much at all. We are still, and always will be, content gatherers. What has changed dramatically is the mode of delivery and the means by which our reading audience accesses content. Print, desktop, tablet and mobile are all part of the equation these days. Wherever, whenever and 24/7/365 access is the norm. This is where our business has changed the most. I am happy to report our audience/ readership has NEVER been greater as a result of these changes. The acquisition of the Helmer shoppers and Scuttlebutt magazine last year help us reach more homes and readers.

Technology, the internet and social media have profoundly impacted the New Richmond News. The result is a different News with new needs, new challenges and new opportunities.

We're not leaving New Richmond. We're not going out of business. Quite the contrary. Our future is as bright as ever as we near our 148th year.

What we are doing is adjusting our physical footprint to better meet the needs of a multi-faceted, multi-platform media company. We're simply seeking a new location better suited for a fast-paced, content-generating business.

The large amounts of space for production equipment and warehousing of materials, and chopped-up office space, are a remnant of our past. What is required today and tomorrow is open, collaborative work spaces — space where technology can be used and creativity fostered.

We've just begun the search for such a new space and plan to seek as many options to consider as possible. We will take the time necessary to thoroughly vet all options for the future.

We're reinventing ourselves, and it certainly is a wild ride. From the use of drones, to production of podcasts, to videos, to email newsletters and, of course, our staple print product, we're providing more content than ever before and will continue to do so.

While our future presence may not be at 127 S. Knowles Ave. in New Richmond, we remain excited about what the many tomorrows bring. We'll continue to be here chronicling the stories that make New Richmond and Western Wisconsin such a special place. It's a special place we will continue to proudly call home.