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Ard, Moothedan seated on St. Croix County Board

Scottie Ard

Two new supervisors took theirs seats on the St. Croix County Board following the vote a quorum board cast Aug. 1.

Scottie Ard and Tammy Moothedan will serve the remaining 2016-2018 terms that opened earlier this year after two board members resigned.

Ard gained a 12-5 vote against fellow contender Ryan Sherley and assumed the seat for District 13, a portion of St. Croix County that covers part of New Richmond.

Supervisors appointed Moothedan to represent District 7, which covers parts of Hudson, in a 11-5 vote against Brian Wells.

The two women will serve on the board until the term ends April 17, 2018.

A 12-year resident of her district, Moothedan said she took interest in county government as an occupational therapist who has provided home care to the elderly and people with disabilities through Allina.

She previously worked in the Twin Cities, but has provided care to St. Croix County residents for the past two years.

"As part of my homecare services, I'm frequently in contact with county agencies as I'm looking for resources for patients I'm serving," she told the Board before their vote. "I understand there are life-changing decisions made at the county level."

Her previous leadership experience, she said, includes serving on the Minnesota Boychoir Board of Directors, chairing a choir support committee that raised funds and hosted events, and training in new employees at Allina.

Moothedan entered and withdrew a bid for the seat following Laurie Bergren's April 4 resignation, leaving Hudson attorney Sarah Yacoub as the sole candidate.

The board narrowly rejected Yacoub's bid for the seat last month.

Ard currently serves on the New Richmond City Council representing the city's 2nd District. Her experience in local and county government also spans various boards and committees, including the New Richmond Board of Review, Library Board, Housing Authority and lobbying for League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

During her comments before the Board's vote, Ard said her top priority is preserving local control.

Two pending pieces of legislation in particular, she said, raise concern: one that would require wheel taxes, including the one in place for St. Croix County, to be part of a referendum in a normal election cycle, and another bill that aims to ease Department of Natural Resource restrictions on commercial zoning along the lower St. Croix Riverway.

A resolution opposing the commercial zoning bill was among the first items Ard and Moothedan voted on as county supervisors later in the Aug. 1 meeting.

Both voted in favor of the resolution.

"The tide is turning in Madison, and it is against local control," Ard said. "It will be up to the due diligence of this board to protect St. Croix County— to protect the villages, towns and municipalities within the county— while serving the people in this county."