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Village of Somerset public works projects hitting snags

At their meeting Tuesday night, Sept. 19, Somerset Village trustees received updates on several public works projects.

Water samples from test Well #5 at the Vanasse site are being processed. A number of samples have already been completed and so far the water quality is looking good. The Public Works Department will need to revisit funding for the new well since the Community Development Block Grant intended to help pay for the well failed. Total cost for the development of a new well is estimated at more than $70,000.

Trustees were also informed that efforts to secure title to the property required to widen the Main Street intersection have been unsuccessful so far. Prospects of completing the intersection this season seem unlikely.

The Somerset ATV Club's request to schedule a public hearing to consider adding additional access to downtown to the existing probationary plan was denied. Instead, further review of the request will be conducted by the Public Safety Committee prior to bringing it back for full board consideration.

Trustees approved bids provided by H&K Sports Fields, LLC., for renovation of three ball fields; 60-foot softball fields for a rate of $6,250 and 90-foot baseball fields for a rate of $6,750. The Village's portion of the costs will be limited to $5,000 total.

Soil borings from TID #4 have been completed. Next up, planning for road access, utilities, stormwater management and mapping for development will occur.

Ongoing review of all of the Village's ordinances has resulted in the addition of extensive language regulating the use of Electronic Message Unit Signs. Electronic Message Unit Signs will only be allowed in the C-2 Highway Commercial District. Electronic Message Unit Signs may be allowed in the C-3 Professional Office District and I-1 Industrial District with the approval of a conditional use permit. Mobile or moveable Electronic Message Unit Signs are not allowed. All signs must be mounted on a permanent base or pole.

Other business

• Trustees approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Wisconsin Professional Police Association waiving the step requirements of two years of service and the completion of probation for Officer John Farrell. Farrell will be moved up to step two pay scale retroactive to Aug. 29, 2017. All back pay from that date forward will be paid to Farrell at the agreed upon rate.