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City of New Richmond closes on old middle school property

Pictured are: (from left) library board member Jeff Peplau, school board member Dr. Neal Melby, city administrator Mike Darrow, city council member James Zajkowski, school board member Marilyn Duerst, city council member Mike Montello, district administrator Patrick Olson, school board president Rick Hinz and city council member Craig Kittel. Photo courtesy of the City of New Richmond

The City of New Richmond and New Richmond School District closed on the Commons/old middle school property on Monday, Oct. 16.

"The closing marks a beginning of a new era. While the journey to the closing took some time, the partnership of the New Richmond School Board and City Council along with many, many community members and stakeholders was critical. Today was a celebration of that partnership," said City Administrator Mike Darrow. "In the short-term, this site will remain as green-space, however funding for a new community-based library is in motion.

"Over the coming weeks and months, community members will hear the story of why a new library is necessary. For information on this exciting process, we invite the community to look for updates at the Friday Memorial Library as well as areas within the Civic Center. "

The City of New Richmond purchased the property from the school district for $1, per the agreement the two groups approved.