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VILLAGE OF SOMERSET: 10/17/17 Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 11:26pm

Regular Meeting of the Village of Somerset
Board of Trustees - Minutes
October 17, 2017
Village Hall, 110 Spring Street, Somerset, WI 54025
President John Melvin called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Present: John Melvin, Ryan Sicard, Ali Peterson, Chris Terwedo, James Chandler, Bartt Palmer and Tony Lueck. Also present: Village Attorney, Anders Helquist; David Schofield, MSA; Robert Gunther, Public Works Director.
Public Comment on Agenda Items: Bob thanked Chris Terwedo for his contribution to Public Works Committee.
Minutes: Motion by Sicard, second by Terwedo to approve meeting minutes for September 19th and tabling the October 12th minutes to next month and motion carried.
Committee Reports:
Project updates: - Dave from MSA advised the board that the test well is complete. He received the final lab results and the water samples are favorable. Therefore he recommends to move forward with well #5. Pay request #2 from Municipal Well & Pump in on the agenda. Completed the Main Street bridge inspection and submitted it to WisDOT and the County. There are several minor maintenance items that need to be completed. There are also some larger rehabilitation projects that will need to be addressed within the next 5-10 years. Discussion / Possible Approval –Pay request #2 from Municipal Well and Pump: Motion by Palmer, second by Chandler to approve Pay request #2 from Municipal Well and Pump in the amount of $25,100.90 and motion carried. Discussion / Possible Approval – Waive Sewer Hook-up Charge-Arnold Street: Palmer said the Public Works discussed this in detail and recommended to waive the hook-up charge for those on Arnold Street as an incentive to get them to hook-up sooner. Motion by Palmer, second by Terwedo to approve waiving the hook-up fee with the stipulation they hook-up within two years and motion carried. Bob advised the board he will send a notice to the residents on Arnold Street once the project is completed. The two year time limit starts once Bob sends the notices. Discussion / Possible Approval- Pay request #4 from A-1 Excavating; Frances Street: Motion by Palmer, second by Chandler to approve the pay request #4 from A-1 Excavating in the amount of $28,073.63 and motion carried. Discussion / Possible Approval-Olson Sanitation Proposal / Contract Amendment: Bob explained that Public Works has had discussions regarding our recycling and has had several residents request larger containers. Olson Sanitation is willing to supply the residence with a 64 gallon recycling container at an additional price of $3.00/month with a three year contract extension and $2.00/ month with a five year contract extension. Attorney advised the board that they would also need to amend the ordinance. Also discussed a charge for those wanting an extra container or excessive changing of container size. Motion by Sicard, second by Terwedo to authorize staff to move forward with a five year contract with Olson Sanitation that includes extra charges and to provide ordinance revisions and motion carried. Discussion / Possible Approval - Outdoor Recreation Plan Update-MSA Proposal: Motion by Palmer, second by Terwedo to approve the Recreation Plan update with MSA in the amount of $2,000.00 and motion carried. Bob mentioned that the Comprehensive Recreation Plan expires at the end of 2018.
Moved this up on the agenda. Discussion / Possible Approval - Interim Conditional Use Permit (ICUP) - Events for Somerstar Entertainment, LLC: E.J. L'Allier, representing Somerstar Entertainment LLC, was present. Sicard read the three changes made to the Interim Conditional Use permit. Motion by Sicard, second by Lueck to approve the ICUP for Somerstar Entertainment, LLC with the three changes made to: updating the parcel numbers on the front page to reflect the true and accurate parcels while striking it from #2; updating 8 (f) by striking out Law Enforcement site and replace with Incident and 8 (h) strike out $10,000 and replace with $5,000.00 along with adding the last sentence to read "In the event the start-up costs associated with the event season exceed $5,000 for the event season, the following year's event season shall require a deposit of $10,000 until otherwise mutually agreed by the parties. Any start-up costs exceeding the deposit shall be invoiced to Somerstar Entertainment LLC and paid within thirty (30) days of date of invoice" and motion carried. Melvin asked E.J. L'Allier if he agreed to those changes. E.J. L'Allier stated he did agree to the changes made.
Moved agenda item ahead from the Plan Commission. Discussion/ Possible Approval - Extra Territorial Plat Review-Certified Survey Map-Colleen and Wayne Rivard in Town of Star Prairie located at 833 205th Ave., Somerset to split 8.92 acres from existing 33.98 acre parcel: Motion by Melvin, second by Sicard to approve the Extra Territorial Plat as reviewed and motion carried.
2017-2018 Liquor License Applications: Motion by Sicard, second by Lueck to approve the operator licenses for Derek Slogar, Gregory Kichler and Nicole Oakland for Super America and motion carried. Sicard asked the attorney if it is required for Village Board to approve or can it be delegated to a staff level. Helquist's advice is to have the Village Board review and approve operator licenses. Discussion / Possible Approval-Squad car purchase: Motion by Sicard, second by Lueck to table until the Finance Committee can make a recommendation to approve and motion carried. Sicard stated that the police department is looking to purchase a squad car. Finance is looking into a way to fit it into our Capital Improvement budget for 2018.
Discussion/Possible Approval-Douglas Kaiser rezoning property at 375 Reed Street, Somerset from Industrial (I) to Highway Commercial (C-2): Motion by Sicard, second by Peterson to approve the rezoning from Industrial to C-2 Commercial for Doug Kaiser and motion carried. Discussion/Possible Approval-Conditional Use Permit for Douglas Kaiser to operate a business to repair and sell: Autos, Trucks under 30,000 GVW, Trailers and non-motorized campers: Anders suggested to add solid waste to item number five and Sicard requested to add #11, that any changes to the site must be approved by the Plan Commission and Village Board. Motion by Sicard, second by Peterson to approve the Conditional Use Permit with the changes to number 5 and addition of number 11 and motion carried.
Discussion /Possible Recommendation - 2017 Tax Collection Agreement: Motion by Sicard, second by Lueck to approve the 2017 Tax Collection Agreement with St. Croix County and motion carried.
Economic Development update: No meeting in September.
Board Reviewed the October report. Terwedo mentioned that during Fire Prevention month they went to the Schools. The open house was on the 12th of October and was very successful.
Possible approval - Chris Terwedo resignation from Village Board: Board members thanked Chris for his time on the board. Motion by Melvin, second by Sicard to accept Chris Teredo's letter of resignation and motion carried. Discussion / Possible approval -Committee Chair Appointment: Melvin stated there is no Chair Committee appointment to discuss. Discussion / Possible approval – November Meeting Calendar: Moved the Village Board/Budget Hearing meeting to November 28th at 6:30 pm and the Public Works meeting will be on November 14th at 5:30pm
Motion by Melvin, second by Sicard to approve the Village, Water and Sewer bills in the amount of $733,409.12 and motion carried.
Motion by Terwedo, second by Chandler to adjourn and motion carried. Adjourned at 7:26 p.m.
Felicia Germain, Village Clerk
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