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Letter: Sortedahl would prove an effective judge

To the Editor:

To our many good friends and relatives in Hudson, Boardman, Somerset, St. Joseph, New Richmond and elsewhere in St. Croix County. To area veterans looking for more honor and integrity in our government. And to all concerned families wondering how you personally can affect justice in your community.

St. Croix County needs your help.

Please make sure to vote in the upcoming primary election on Feb. 19. Specifically, examine the candidates for the new seat on the bench, St. Croix County Branch 4. And please consider Ken Sortedahl for this new position.

For those who have known me well enough to have heard tales of my time spent in the service ... this Sortedahl fellow is the guy I've often talked about.

He received rigorous and technical training while serving with the elite 10th Special Forces Group - the famous "Green Berets." He quickly rose in rank and respect due to exceptional intelligence, a legendary measure of discipline and an excellent upbringing evident in his everyday hard work and leadership.

He spent his off-duty hours working, saving and studying at Harvard, while on-duty he held my very life in his hands as a mountain training instructor. I've followed him from several atmospheres under the ocean, through swamps and woods, up the cliffs and out the doors of various paratrooper aircraft. And he's still competing in marathons! Uncommonly brave, dependably loyal, religiously honest and particularly patient.

He went on to become a member of the Bar in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, served the community with a decade of private practice handling family, contract and criminal concerns and for years now served your county as a very accomplished prosecutor. Governor appointed board positions, volunteer work, Sunday school teacher ... the list goes on!

Yes, those stories were all true. I wasn't just detailing an old Gary Cooper movie. And now you folks have the opportunity to put this honorable man on your local bench. I'm quite jealous.

Lisa and I raised three kids in St. Croix County for a decade before moving a bit north into Polk. Given more time I'd move back just to vote for this guy. He's honestly that good.

Please consider Ken for the new judge position. He's a great leader, a model citizen, a brilliant lawyer, a tireless public servant, a devout Christian family man, a patriotic veteran and a good friend.

Dan and Lisa Brown family