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Letter: Coordinator offers label clarification

To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to fund-raisers for our schools.

This past year the Campbell's company now only accepts the UPCs, not the usual front labels. It would also help a lot if you would also include the soup kid along side the UPC and OUR FAMILY also only accepts the UPC as this would help distinguish them. You can also turn in the whole label and I will clip them.

We are also collecting the Tyson A+ 1-2-3 labels which must include the whole A+ 1-2-3 before we get the 24¢ credit.

I have two collection bins at Wal-Mart, one at each entrance, and one at the pharmacy drop off window at Econofoods. In these bins I will also accept box tops, Tyson A+ 1-2-3, and milk credits which will go to West Elementary.

You can also send them with your children to their own schools.

Any questions call me at 246-4914. Thank you, and keep saving for our schools.

Diane Warner

UPC Counter for West Elementary