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Letter: City gives liquor licenses on demand

To the Editor:

Trade, commerce and competition can be useful and productive activities in any society, and may account in large part for what we call our high standard of living. But it remains an open question just how far these traits should go in dominating our community life.

Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in men. This may be extreme, but it has been shown that the people who strive incessantly and exclusively for gain are not the most attractive, or valuable personalities in the world.

The problem with economic competition is that everyone is in favor of it until one dominates a field and then uses this dominance to absorb, throttle or eliminate all possible competition. Competition is not always a healthy approach to social behavior and can be counterproductive.

Why are we promoting easy access and more avenues to purchase a controlled substance by granting more liquor/beer licenses, and saturating the market?

Don't the Big Box stores have a large enough stronghold on our community (the "City Beautiful") town merchants and small retailers already? Enough is enough with so-called expanded competition. "Cutthroat competition" should not be in our electors' lexicon.

The instigator of this whole license debacle (on and off-sale liquor licenses) is no longer operating and was forced out of business, he says, by the "big box." This entity is destroying "Ma's and Pa's" in the retail business. Granting licenses to sell another regulated commodity should be limited and controlled by elected officials.

Bill Driscoll

New Richmond