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Editorial: Front Porch Project gains international audience

New Richmond's Front Porch Project will take center stage at the International Symposium 2008 in Ottawa, Canada at the end of April and early May.

Patrick Overton, director of the Front Porch Institute, will be talking about the successful project in New Richmond with those interested in the topic of community building and cultural development.

Parks and Recreation Director Joe Kerlin will be a part of the presentation as well, talking about the Front Porch process and the resulting fund-raising efforts surrounding Hatfield Lake Regional Park and other cooperative efforts.

The "Creative Construct: Building for Culture and Creativity" symposium will bring together participants from around the world to exchange the latest ideas and practices on the development of cultural and creative spaces; cultural planning and investment strategies for cultural infrastructure and cultural districts; and collaborative approaches to enhancing the cultural vitality, creative potential and competitiveness of cities and communities.


This year's St. Patrick's Day parade has shifted to March 16.

Organizers hope the Sunday afternoon parade will attract more of a crowd than a Monday afternoon gathering.

Once again, anyone who wants to march in the parade is welcome. It's always a fun time for all ages.


A memorial service for Marilyn Stower was held Feb. 9 in Amery. She was the wife of former state representative and current mayor of Amery Harvey Stower.

Marilyn had a long battle with cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Harvey and his family. Harvey has always been a most gracious person in his public dealings, and was a top-notch legislator during his time representing this region.


Local plumber Alan Lewerer and his ring rescue story caught the attention of KARE 11 news.

On Feb. 7, the story aired on the Twin Cities station. That story first appeared in the New Richmond News.

Lewerer was the guy who found a wedding ring in the sewer pipe of Carey and Charlotte Moe's home in New Richmond, thanks to a video camera used for inspecting pipes.

After working an hour to retrieve the ring, Lewerer was successful.

When originally contacted by the News about the wedding ring rescue, Carey wasn't convinced it made much of a story. But such quirky tidbits always make for an interesting piece.

In case you didn't see the television report, you can view it on Search for the word "Moe" or "Lewerer" and you should find it.